"I showed up to do the audition and there were, uh, three girls and three boys and uh, Chris came in. I didn’t know him but I was told that another actor was going to be there. So when I saw Chris, I didn’t know this other actor but we had this… we knew people in common. So I screamed this other guy’s name. But I said "So and So!" and he goes "Meloni!". And then we, I was already standing up, so we did this huge hug and we’d never met {…} So, um, for the rest of the time we sat there and were talking. We each went in individually at first and then they came back and said, "Okay, guys, we’re going to pair you up." And they said "Mariska and Chris." I knew it was done. It was, it was… it just happened, it was a pairing. From the first second, before we even…. you can’t write it. It was just, um, you know…*points up* I mean Chris would disagree, but I know it was God."

-Mariska Hargitay on Inside the Actor’s Studio